Teeth Whitening

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A white bright smile can be a confidence booster and a great way to get noticed.

Studies show that our smile can be noticed from as far as 300 feet and makes us identifiable even from a good distance. The dazzle of our smile depends a lot on the color of our teeth.

Depending on our everyday choices, we may not have the smile we always wanted. Wine, smoking, tea, soda and other foods and beverages can cause teeth staining.

What causes yellow teeth?

Yellow Teeth PictureSome of the causes of yellow teeth are genetic, environmental or pharmacological in nature. The most surface stains on the enamel or beneath the enamel in the dentin. They are caused by foods, beverages and lifestyle behaviors, like smoking and over time the stains may penetrate the enamel and change the color of the dentin which makes the appearance of the tooth due to the translucency of the enamel layer. When this occurs, the tooth often appears yellow.

Teeth-whitening is one of the most common cosmetic procedures sought for. With many over-the-counter (OTC) options and medications available online, you may wonder what benefits can be offered by a professional teeth-whitening service. Unfortunately, the results of online products and OTC medications are way less attractive than what they claim . Also with OTC and online products you may experience:

  • Uneven and blotchy whitening
  • Drying of teeth enamel due to glycerin in the whitening products

Zoom Professional teeth-whitening services on the other hand are always safer, fast and long lasting than using anything available from a drug store. Not only this, your procedure is always done by someone who is professionally trained to do it and is interested in your satisfaction and well-being. Few of the benefits of seeking professional help for teeth whitening are:

  • Treatments are safe and reliable
  • Professional care and supervision
  • Color of your teeth can be customized as per your requirements
  • Long-lasting results

Is teeth whitening safe for my teeth?

The safest way to whiten your teeth is under the supervision of your dental professional who will assess your overall oral health, the health of your teeth and know the history of your teeth.

How long does my treatment last?

Most whitening services are designed to last for a long period of time, but relapse is not uncommon due to personal behaviors that restain your teeth.

What is the cost of the Teeth Whitening procedures?

Prices start at $199 for a kick-start whitening procedure or higher for more dramatic results.