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What will happen if I don’t get my wisdom teeth removed? Newington, CT

Wisdom teeth also known as the third molars are furthest away in the dental arches. If they ever come out, they are often the last ones to erupt. The time of eruption is usually between the ages of 17 and 25 years. Proper mouth and jaw conditions can bring about a normal eruption of these teeth. Also, there must be sufficient growth of the bones at the back of your jaws. This way there is enough space for the new teeth. In most people wisdom teeth fail to erupt as there is not enough space in the mouth. These teeth  which have not completed their eruption within dentist recommended timelines are called ‘impacted’ teeth. If these teeth pierce through the gum partially, they are known as ‘semi-impacted’.

Effects of ‘impacted’ or semi-impacted wisdom tooth

Painless impaction – Impacted tooth can jam other important mouth structures such as adjacent teeth, gums, soft tissues of the mouth, nerves, blood vessels and other structures causing several problems.  Tooth and gum problem is the most common consequence of impacted wisdom tooth. Impacted tooth can adversely affect periodontal tissues of the adjacent second molars by disrupting the periodontal tissue attachment. This attachment is essential in anchoring the teeth in the surrounding bone. Disruption in this tissue can lead to plaque-induced bacterial infections and other periodontal diseases, eventually causing tooth loss. Also, any tooth or gum infection that involves wisdom teeth or adjacent teeth are difficult to reach and treat.

Impaction with pain – There are occasions when  wisdom  teeth can come with painful indications. They cause painful pericoronitis (peri- around, corona- crown). It is the inflammation and infection of surrounding gum tissues with a partially erupted lower wisdom tooth. This painful condition even if treated, is likely to be recurrent.

Before considering removing your wisdom teeth consult  your dentist:

  • Look for soft tissue irritation or cavities
  • See if you can keep them clean
  • Check for enough room for wisdom teeth in the mouth
  • Look for wisdom tooth impaction

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