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What to expect in your first appointment for dentures Newington, CT


A full set of teeth is important to enjoy the pleasures of life.   Yet a time comes when we lose a few or all of the teeth due to unavoidable reasons like tooth decay, trauma, gum infection or aging. A plethora of problems can crop up if you have teeth missing from your dentition like speech problems, difficulty in eating, loss of facial form and a toothless smile to name a few. Not all is lost! You can replace your teeth with identical functioning alternatives like bridges, dental implants or dentures. In this blog, we will help you understand the initial procedure commonly followed by dentists before you go in for a denture.

Consultation and examination

This is the most important part of your denture procedure. You will be asked to give the primary reason for opting for a denture – is it for aesthetics and smile improvement, to improve speech, regain normal chewing ability or replacement of an old denture? It is crucial that you provide as many details as possible and express the level of expectation you have regarding dentures. Your dentist will address all your concerns by giving you a realistic outlook of how you’ll feel with a set of artificial teeth.

Your mouth will be examined thoroughly to ensure your oral tissues are ready to accept a denture. In the presence of infections, bony protrusions, broken teeth fragments, flabby gum tissue or other discrepancies, you may have to undergo additional dental procedures to correct the abnormalities (which will be done in subsequent appointments if necessary). Generally, a few x-rays of the jaw will be taken to identify and rule out any hidden anomalies beneath the gums and bones. With all this information in hand, your dentist will prepare a detailed treatment plan for denture fabrication. The treatment timeline, fee and payment options will be discussed prior to the initiation of the treatment.

Primary impression

Once you give the ‘go ahead’, your dentist will begin the treatment procedure. The first step in denture fabrication is taking an impression of your mouth. This is achieved by using an impression tray filled with a bio-friendly impression material. The tray will be placed gently on the jaw with the missing teeth and firmly pressed to register maximum details. In some cases, your dentist will use a specialised plastic tray called centric tray. This will help to record the vertical and horizontal relationship of the upper jaw to the lower jaw – a vital measurement to get the best denture fit. Your dentist may insert the trays in the mouth several times to get as many details as possible.  These trays will exactly copy the shape of your gums, which will be used to make a stone model for further fabrication steps.

The process of making a denture requires 5-6 appointments. You’ll be given a convenient date for the subsequent appointments by the dentist’s office. To learn more about the advantages of having a denture, read our blogs here.

For more information on dentures, contact Green Meadow Dental, 3579 B Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06111, (860)-865-0056. We also serve patients from surrounding areas like Farmington, Plainville and East Berlin.


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