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What to expect at a dental hygiene appointment? Newington, CT


You may have heard time and again that you need to visit your dentist at least twice a year to keep your mouth healthy, but do you know why it is important? Do you know what happens in a hygiene visit and what goes into keeping your teeth clean and healthy? In this blog, we give you a walkthrough of a typical hygiene visit at a dental office.


  1. Review of your medical history – everything is connected to everything in the body! Different diseases, disorders, illnesses and medications can have a profound effect on all the organs and tissues in the body. Plenty of oral diseases develop as a consequence of systemic disorders. Thus, it is important to explicitly inform your dentist and make  him aware of any medical condition you are suffering from. This will help the dentist to zero in on the probable cause of your oral condition and administer the appropriate treatment. 


  1. Thorough oral exam – Before your dentist  starts the cleaning procedure, a comprehensive examination of your mouth is performed. Your teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks will be examined to identify any abnormalities or tooth decay. A complete periodontal screening will be performed which involves close examination of the gums. It will help to recognise gum disease or tissue damage to deeper gum attachments to determine if regular teeth cleaning or deep cleaning is required.


  1. Taking X-rays – Radiographs or x-rays are usually recommended in the presence of deep and extensive gum disease (Periodontitis) accompanied with loosening of teeth. In such cases, there will be a substantive loss of bone surrounding the teeth which will be well hidden under the gum tissues. X-rays will reveal these hidden anomalies and help the dentist to address these issue immediately. You may require X-rays only if your dentist suspects any severe form of gum disease, else it may be required once a year. To know more about dental X-rays read our blog here


  1. Tour of your teeth and gums – Your dentist or dental hygienist will brief you about the status of your oral health. They may use intra-oral cameras to show you the extent of gum disease or tooth damage. Your dentist will explain to you the probable causes for the condition and the action you need to take to prevent them from recurring in future. This will help you to understand the areas you need to focus on while you brush or floss your teeth.


  1. Cleaning and polishing – With all the necessary information and a clear treatment plan, your dental hygienist is ready to clean and polish your teeth. The process is called  scaling. The dental hygienist will use specialised instruments called  scalers which will break down and wash away germ filled deposits (plaque) and debris sticking to the teeth and gums. This is a painless procedure and at  worst you may only  feel a tingling sensation and mild sensitivity.


  1. Patient education –   Once you are done with cleaning, your dentist will give you tips on keeping your mouth disease free.  She will explain to you the right method of brushing and flossing. If you need any other restorative dental treatment, this is the time your dentist will inform you  of further intervention. If you have been diagnosed with severe gum disease, you will be scheduled for more appointments for further treatment. It is important you clear all your doubts and queries at this  stage with your dentist.


We understand it is hard and tedious to make time for a dental appointment, but a few minutes of inconvenience can give you good health for life. Hopefully, this blog will help you understand the importance of a dental hygiene visit and prepare you  for taking  good care of your teeth and gums!

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