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What happens in your first appointment for root canal treatment? Newington, CT



You know you need a root canal treatment when the soft tissue inside the root canal gets inflamed or infected. Causes vary from deep tooth decay, repeated dental procedures or any cracked or chipped tooth. Any injury to the tooth also may cause pulp damage. Untreated pulp infections lead to pain and abscess formation. An abscess is an inflamed area where pus gets accumulated and causes swelling of the surrounding tissues.  This infection might spread and your tooth may need to be taken out. Look for any symptoms like these if you are suspecting an endodontic issue:

  • Pain
  • Prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Tender to touch and chew
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Tenderness in lymph nodes and nearby bones

Sometimes there may not be any symptoms.

What to expect on your first appointment for root canal treatment?

Endodontic treatment is often performed in one or two visits.

  • Your dentist will discuss the cost involved – While discussing the treatment, your dentist will mention the cost. It is important for you to research and compare self-pay prices as it may vary greatly from area to area and the provider. Cost may also vary depending on how complex the problem is and the type of tooth involved. Treating molars is difficult and might cost more. Most dental insurance policies provide some coverage for endodontic treatments.  You can save big using these dental insurances.
  • Preparation of tooth for the treatment – Your endodontist examines the tooth and takes X-rays of the affected tooth. This lets him get a picture of the extent of the damage. He then administers local anesthesia to make the area numb.
  • Pulp removal – Your dentist then places a small protective sheet called ‘dental dam’ to keep the tooth dry and free of saliva during the process. This also prevents you from swallowing any chemicals the dentist uses.  Your dentist will then open your tooth through the crown area (top part of the tooth) to access the pulp (soft tissue at the center of the tooth) and remove the infected pulp. Any dental abscess will be drained at the same time.
  • Cleaning and filling the root canal – Once the pulp is cleaned your dentist will now work on shaping the root canals to enlarge them. This process is done so that the root canals can be easily filled. These canals are usually very narrow, which makes it difficult to fill them. He then uses a series of small files to enlarge the canals. Your tooth will then be sealed using a temporary filling.

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