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Dental filling is the best way to restore a damaged or decayed tooth to its normal function and shape. Although silver amalgam fillings are cheaper and most commonly used yet they lack aesthetics.  Here are two aesthetics fillings you can ask your dentist:

  1. Glass fillings – Glass fillings, also known as glass ionomers are usually made up of acrylic and glass. They are not long lasting, and hence they are a good choice for growing children as they can be replaced easily. The best advantage of glass fillings is that it releases fluoride which help to protect the teeth from further decay. However, glass fillings are not as strong as other fillings and hence they tend to chip or crack under pressure.


  1. Composite fillings – Composite fillings are considered the best among the fillings as their color can be easily matched with the shade of the existing teeth, which makes them more appealing. The material used shows excellent bonding with the tooth structure, because of which this type of filling can be easily used for front teeth too. However, due to the material used (resin/plastic) and need for frequent replacements (every 5 years), composite fillings are more expensive than the silver amalgam fillings.

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