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Tips for healthy teeth after Thanksgiving Newington, CT

Thanksgiving is everyone’s favorite holiday time with families getting together. This time of the year means a lot of family time, fun and most important,  food. Thanksgiving especially is the time when we tend to loosen the belt buckle a little.  That is why it’s the time for an all-out war for your dental health. Fortunately you can have delicious fun food while taking care of your teeth.

  1. Modify your menu – As appetizers you can put out plates of cheese, crudités and nuts. Cheese is a good source of calcium for your teeth. Chewing on raw veggies improves saliva production that protects your teeth from bacteria attack. The crunchy nuts too act as saliva producing agents that protect you from harmful tooth decay causing bacteria.
  2. Avoid sticky food and foods high in sugar – We know you love your pecan pie but make sure you control the portions. Pecan pie and such food are high in sugar and are sticky. The longer these foods are present in your mouth the more you are exposed to sugar. Decay causing bacteria get plenty of time to thrive on all the sugar you eat.
  3. Cranberries are good – Research shows that cranberries fight dental decay. Include the colorful cranberries among other holiday colors and protect your teeth.
  4. Make your meal-times small – One of the most damaging aspects of a thanksgiving meal is its length. We all enjoy the time we spend with our family and friends on the dinner table but try to avoid snacking and dragging the meal out for too long. Longer meals tend to expose your teeth to acids in food for a longer time making it easier for cavity causing bacteria to build up. Try shifting your focus from munching to sharing stories, watching movies or playing games.
  5. Brush and floss – Be diligent about brushing and flossing during Thanksgiving. Do not forget to carry your brush and floss wherever you go.
  6. Chew on gums – Chewing on sugar free gums is another way to clean-up any food debris after a meal. Rely on gums when you cannot excuse yourself to a bathroom for brushing or flossing.
  7. Drink water – Drink lots of water when you are eating rich and sugary food. This helps in washing away any food debris and prevents plaque formation.
  8. See your dentist – Book an appointment with your dentist post this holiday season. You can get professional teeth cleaning done or a check-up to detect signs of gum disease in your mouth.

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