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Three Must- have dental treatments for a beautiful smile Newington, CT


In order to attain the best dental health, it is highly recommended that you  visit your dentist regularly, at least once in six months. Regular dental check-ups will help to reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum diseases and tooth loss. There are several choices available for you as a part of dental treatment. However the three most commonly used are teeth whitening,  use of sealants and teeth cleaning procedure.


  1. Teeth whitening also known as teeth bleaching are carried out to brighten and whiten your teeth. In this procedure,   tooth bleaching products are used to remove stains and any other discoloration of teeth. The latest technique used in teeth whitening is laser whitening or power whitening where bleaching products that are painted onto your teeth get activated by exposure to laser light.


  1. In scaling and cleaning of teeth, built-up debris and food particles which are attached to the teeth are removed. This procedure also involves removal of plaque or calculus or tartar  which is generally caused  by continuous accumulation of minerals from saliva and food. Your dentist will clean and polish  your teeth using a rotating brush with abrasive paste. Scaling and cleaning will thus not only help to clean your teeth but will keep your teeth away from gum problems and diseases.


  1. A sealant is a durable liquid plastic that is painted on the surface of the tooth to protect it from tooth decay. Sealants are mainly used for those teeth which have deep grooves and fissures (molars and premolars). The main function of sealant is  to act  as a physical barrier that stops food and bacteria from entering into  these grooves. Thus, they help to reduce the chances of tooth decay and infection.

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