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Six Braces-friendly food and drinks Newington, CT


When you have braces you can eat most of the foods you normally eat. However, it’s advisable to start with semisolid items such as soups and smoothies. Here’s a list of good stuff you can eat without worrying about your braces.

  1.      Mashed potatoes – Easy to eat and easy on your braces


  1.      Soups/Smoothies – Great for sore mouth days


  1.      Fresh fish – Baked salmon and tilapia are always a winning braces-friendly food


  1.      Vegetables – Sautéed vegetables such as squash, steamed greens and fully cooked carrots


  1.      Bananas – The perfectly soft and smooth snack, which you can enjoy on the go.


  1.      Drinks – When you are thirsty, plain milk or water (non-fizzy) are good and safe choices. Limit fruit juices to mealtimes only. During the treatment period avoid sodas and other fizzy drinks as it can damage the teeth.


To get out of braces in time it’s essential to prepare your food in a way that it’s easier to bite and chew without stressing your jaw or braces. Hard food such as apples and carrots can be sliced into thin strips. Corn can be taken off the cob to minimize the effort. Cured meat such as beef jerky, which otherwise gets very chewy, can be cut into bite size pieces for you to relish it without stressing out your braces.

Be prepared as your dentist may ask you to cut back on high sugary and starchy foods like toffees, pastas and bread as they can get stuck in the braces, and later may cause tooth decay.

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