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Seven Oral health tips for the holiday season Newington, CT

Holiday season is right around the corner. This season is not only tough on your wallet and waist-line but also on  your gum line. Holidays are one of the busiest seasons of the year with parties and vacations jam packing your calendar. In this grind, it’s no wonder that people often take shortcuts when it comes to maintaining their oral health.

Effect of holidays on your teeth

Too much wine – Wine has high acidity levels which can eat away the tooth enamel.  This enamel is critical  for protecting the teeth  from decay.

Too much sugar– Holiday get-togethers make people snack on sugary treats more. Cookies, cakes, chocolates and candies have one thing in common for our teeth. They all help  tooth decay. The sugars found in these foods increase the likelihood of us developing cavities.

Too much stress– Planning your vacation and parties is not an easy task. We tend to get anxious on planning the little details which may cause some of us to grind or clench our teeth. This might cause jaw pain, headaches and chipping of teeth.

Tips to for good oral health this season

  1.      If you are planning to go high on wine we recommend you do NOT swish it around  your mouth too much.


  1.      Try drinking water in between beverages. This helps in rinsing your teeth of the acids you consumed.


  1.      Try to brush and floss after snacking on something sugary. Alternatively, try drinking water or chew a gum which increases saliva flow in the mouth. This also helps in washing away any decay-causing bacteria.


  1.      Use a custom-made night guard in your mouth. This will prevent you from taking the holiday stress on your teeth.


  1.      If you are on vacation this season, make sure you pack your toothbrush, paste, floss and a mouthwash.


  1.      Be diligent to brush at least twice a day and floss daily.


  1.      See your dentist before the busy season. He can check on the status of your oral health and recommend some tips accordingly.

We hope you keep these tips in mind while celebrating this holiday season. Let a healthy smile be on top of your wish list this holiday. Cheers!

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