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Overdentures: teeth replacement option you didn’t know about Newington, CT


If you have lost your natural teeth and planning to go for a denture, the transition will be a challenging one. Loss of teeth leads to a decrease in bone content and shrinking of the jaws which provide less stability and retention to the overlying denture. To avoid such problems, patients are sometimes encouraged to retain several of their own natural teeth, if possible, so that these serve the purpose of anchoring and stabilizing the denture. Dentures that take support from underlying teeth are called as overdentures. Overdentures are recommended only in cases where few healthy retainable teeth are present in the jaws. Some advantages of having an overdenture compared to complete dentures are given below:

  1. Increased support and stability
  2. Preserves the shape of the jaw ridges
  3. Improved retention – denture does not slip or move out of place
  4. Improved chewing and biting
  5. Less trauma to the underlying gums and tissues
  6. Can be easily converted to a complete denture if required in future
  7. Cost –effective and affordable.

The procedure of placing an overdenture begins with the dentist shaving and shaping the crown of the healthy teeth. If the tooth is weak or at a high risk of fracturing, a root canal treatment will be performed to strengthen it.  A metal or gold cap will be cemented on the tooth so that the denture can be anchored to it. This additional capping increases the stability and retention of the denture. Retaining natural teeth is an excellent way of maintaining healthy bone around the roots. Healthy and sufficient bone will preserve the shape of the jaw and the overall profile of the face. Overdentures prevent unwanted movements of the denture while chewing, swallowing or speaking and ensure a perfect seal with the oral tissues at the margins of the denture.

Dr.Ranjitha Mukund and her staff have the requisite expertise and skill to provide you the best-fitted overdentures. Equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, her dental team will ensure you are given the best service with the least discomfort and pain.

To know more about dentures or book an appointment, contact Green Meadow Dental, 3579B Berlin Turnpike, CT -06111, (860)-865-0056. We also provide dental services to patients from neighboring areas including Southington, Kensington and West Hartford.



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