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Flossing is integral to oral health says Dr. Ranjitha of Green Meadow Dental, Newington, CT. Most flossers simply insert the string in between their teeth, yank out a few bits of food, and assume they’re done. They’re not. The American Dental Association recommends curving the floss into a “C” shape against the side of every tooth and firmly, but carefully, motioning it up and down.

The Don’ts of Flossing:

  • Don’t just floss your front teeth because it is easy! You need to floss in-between all of your teeth. Getting the floss in the very back teeth can be exceptionally, however, you’re likely to find that all the more plaque is likely to have collected at the very back. “Persevere; you will get to the very back. And if you still find it difficult, then use a floss holder. These Y-shaped plastic devices allow you to floss with just one hand”, advices Dr. Ranjitha of Green Meadow Dental, Newington, CT.
  • Don’t saw into your gums you will only hurt/cut them in the process. Use your eighteen inches floss to gently wipe down the side of the teeth either side. Be extra careful, for when you are too violent when you floss and saw into your gums, you will cause soreness and more bleeding.
  • For the first few days, be prepared for a little bleeding and streaks of blood in your saliva. The reason for this is swollen and inflamed gums. In dental terms, this condition is described as “gingivitis”. The treatment for gingivitis is to remove the plaque (bacterial build up) between your teeth through flossing. Regular flossing will automatically remove the plaque deposits and thereby stop the bleeding as well. If it doesn’t, contact your dentist. You can also drop by at Green Meadow Dental at 3579 B Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06111 for a complete care regarding gingivitis or any other dental solutions.

Flossing hurts only to begin with but take our word for it, regular flossing ensures that your subsequent experiences will no longer be painful.

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