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Most important causes of teeth sensitivity Newington, CT

Teeth sensitivity is the occurrences of sharp and temporary pain in your teeth. Even routine activities like brushing, flossing, drinking, eating and sometimes cold breeze can trigger an episode. The possible underlying causes include :

  • Tooth decay
  • Exposed dentine (the layer under the outermost enamel)
  • Fractured teeth
  • Old and worn out fillings
  • Exposed root of the teeth due to severe gum disease

A healthy tooth comprises three layers namely an outer enamel, intermediary dentine and inner cementum for its protection. When enamel over the crown of the tooth or cementum over the root of the tooth wears down due to various reasons exposing dentin, it allows heat, cold or acidic food to reach the tiny tubes which contain nerve endings in them leading to hypersensitivity.  Even before you visit a dentist, you could try out the following at your home.

  • Tooth paste for sensitive teeth – try the ones with potassium nitrate to block the dentine.
  • Avoid acidic foods – avoid citrus food, acidic or carbonated drinks.
  • Try a different brushing technique – use a soft brush and avoid vigorous brushing.

If the above does not help, then it is time you visit your dentist. Your dentist can help you by:

  • Fluoride gel – apply fluoride gel to strengthen enamel and reduce pain.
  • Prevent teeth grinding – he/she may suggest a mouth guard if you are grinding your teeth in sleep.
  • Crown, inlay or bonding – depending on the severity he may advise bonding resin or crowns.
  • Gum graft – in cases where roots are exposed.

Don’t forget to follow your dentist’s suggestions to prevent recurrence.

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