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Modern alternatives to braces you didn’t know about Newington, CT


Bracesare generally recommended for people with misaligned/crooked teeth. It works by applying pressure on the teeth over a period of time to move them  slowly in a specific direction. Braces might not always be an ideal choice, as they are known to cause crowding issues, bite alignment problems, and they seem to be a   lengthy, expensive treatment. Few popular substitutes for braces in terms of  effectiveness and affordability are as follows:


  • Invisalign

Invisalign is another popular alternative to braces in adults. This uses a number of invisible, removable trays/aligners to be fitted over the teeth,, to be replaced every two weeks with new set of aligners. People with gaps between their teeth are ideal candidates for Invisalign as they require meagre force for correction.


  • Six-month smile

This is a new orthodontic treatment having the potential for substituting braces. Like braces, it also uses wire but with invisible brackets that can work for a range of orthodontic problems from misalignment, spacing, bite issues  to misplaced midline in   six months. The advantages of this technique are several. The discomfort caused by these is much less than other tooth alignment techniques as this involves a very slow movement of teeth for a shorter duration of time. In addition, using tooth colored/ invisible wire in this technique makes it a popular alternative.

In addition, braces come with a list of different types of foods that should be avoided from fibrous fruits and vegetables to nuts. With these newer modalities of aligners, there are no such restrictions. They are easy to brush and floss and good oral hygiene can be maintained effortlessly.  Also, people with crooked teeth, particularly teens feel extremely self-conscious about their appearance and using braces for corrections can only add on to their lack of self-confidence.  The process of teeth straightening with these new procedures can potentially remove the source of actual worry for them, also adding on to their confidence to be able to be themselves in front of everybody.

If you want to have a better smile, these techniques offer a chance to get the best look without the disadvantages of wearing traditional braces on a  24-hour basis.

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