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Know more about dental crowns Newington, CT


A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that is used to restore the functionality of a damaged or broken tooth. You may also need a crown when you have to undergo a root canal treatment.


Other situations where you may require a dental crown are:

  • when a large amount of filling needs to be replaced
  • when your tooth is discolored or misshaped
  • when you need to insert a dental bridge or a dental implant


A tooth that has been fixed with a dental crown will function and look very much like a natural tooth. Dentists today have a variety of options in materials to be used for crowns. Broadly they are categorized into two groups: metal -free crowns and full metal crowns.


Full metal crowns

Full metal crowns are made up of gold alloy, other metal alloys or base-metal alloys. Metal crowns can withstand more biting and chewing forces compared to other crowns, making them last longer. However the main drawback of full metal crowns is their color and appearance, because of which they are easily noticeable. Therefore these types of metal crowns are generally not used for the front teeth and are a good choice only for molar teeth.


Metal-free crowns

Metal-free crowns also known as full porcelain crown are made up of porcelain material.  This is a modern approach in cosmetic dentistry. They are mainly recommended for front teeth. In aesthetic terms, metal-free crowns are considered superior when compared to full metal crowns because of their more natural appearance. However, they are not as strong as full metal crowns.


Whatever the types of crowns available in the market, your dentist will prescribe you the appropriate one depending on your tooth condition and preference.

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