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Invisalign – How does it work? Newington, CT


Invisalign is the modern approach to straightening your teeth by using custom-made series of plastic aligners. This is the best option for those who don’t want to use the traditional metal braces which cause irritation in the mouth.

If you are considering Invisalign treatment, then knowing each step about the entire process will help. According to Dr. Ranjitha Mukund, Green Meadow Dental, 3579 B Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06111 the entire process can be completed in the following four steps:

1.   Interacting with your Invisalign provider

Selecting the right dentist for your Invisalign treatment is very crucial as not all dentists and orthodontists are trained to work with Invisalign. You need to talk to your dentist and ask questions which will help you to choose the right treatment plan.

2.   Selecting the best customized treatment plan for you

For selecting a customized treatment plan, your dentist will start first by taking X-rays, pictures and impressions of your teeth. These will help your dentist to develop a precise treatment plan which will include the exact movements of your teeth and the approximate length of treatment required to straighten them. 

3.   Receiving your custom-made aligners based on your personalized treatment plan

Based on the personalized treatment plan, a series of custom-made aligners are created to suit individual requirements. These aligners are made of   comfortable and smooth plastic which do not cause any irritation to the cheeks and gums like traditional metal braces.

4.   Wearing new set of aligners every two weeks

To obtain best results from such aligners, it is important to wear these aligners for at least 20–22 hours per day during the entire treatment process. At every stage, you need to visit your dentist for regular check-ups to monitor the progress. Approximately every two weeks you will be fitted with a new set of aligners which will take you to the next stage of treatment procedure.

Once the treatment procedure is complete, consult your dentist to know how to protect your new smile!

To know more about Invisalign, contact  Green Meadow Dental, 3579 B Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06111 (860)-865-0056. Families from Farmington find the easy drive to Newington well worthwhile because or our expertise and modern facilities, our friendly dental team and the relaxing disposition of Dr. Mukund. We also service patients from surrounding areas including Kensington, Plainville and Weathersfield. 

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