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How to prevent tooth decay in children? Newington, CT
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Tooth decay is the most common problem faced by school going children.  Most often, this is also the time in a child’s life when he/ she starts losing  baby teeth. Generally, malnutrition and poor oral hygiene among children lead to adverse effects on their oral health.  The lack of awareness on the health of milk teeth and increased consumption of sugars are the major causes of frequent tooth decays in school-going children.  Therefore, taking care of soon-to-be-grown adult teeth needs to be done with utmost attention. The basic practices which can help prevent tooth decays in children are:

      1. Use of pea-sized fluoridated toothpaste during brushing can not only prevent dental caries but can also treat the existing tooth-related problems of children.

      2. Drinking lots of water can help efficient removal of left-over food, thereby preventing the formation of cavities.

      3. Avoiding excessive usage of tooth harming foods such as sweetened beverages, pickles, carbonated sugars and caffeine rich drinks (coffee/ tea) can prevent tooth decay due to enamel erosion and cavities.

      4. Including tooth-friendly foods in your diet such as milk, cheese, whole grain cereals, nuts, lean meats and green leafy vegetables can strengthen your teeth against any decay and infection.

      5. Alternating sugar rich foods with artificial sweeteners and sugar-free chewing gums can suffice for sugar intake and prevent the onset of tooth-related problems.

      6. The practice of brushing twice a day among children can help prevent the decay due to the continuous consumption of food and accumulation of debris in the mouth.

      7. Use of fluoride-rich antibacterial rinses/mouthwashes and the habit of flossing on a daily basis will be ideal for people who are at high risk of developing cavities.

      8. Scheduling periodic dentist’s visits for regular oral examinations and teeth cleanings will be useful for early detection of tooth-related issues and to improve overall oral health.

      9. Educating children in schools and parents through dental campaigns and other programs on the importance of oral health can facilitate necessary reach and implementation of these general health practices. 

In short, oral health mirrors the overall health and fitness level of an individual. Implementing tooth-friendly habits from a young age can not only keep your teeth and gums in good shape but can trigger off a series of healthy choices that will be beneficial  throughout your  life.

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