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How to get a smile makeover at a dentist’s office? Newington, CT


Smile makeover as the name suggests is to design a new smile to make it look more attractive and better in many ways. It may require aligning of crowded teeth, working on the gaps between  teeth, using braces to reduce protrusion (protruding teeth), correcting a gummy smile, correcting the shape and length of the teeth, replacing missing tooth, etc. Smile makeovers may also involve porcelain crowns and use of implants for missing tooth or for implant supported dentures.

For a dentist, designing a treatment plan is crucial as it may vary from person to person depending on an individual’s needs. There are various treatment options available for specific needs.


  • Teeth whitening – It is one of the most common smile makeover treatments sought for. The appearance of your smile may get affected due to  stained and discolored teeth for which teeth whitening treatment is the best option. With professional teeth whitening procedures, one can whiten the teeth up to eight shades or more.
  • Gum reshaping – Also known as gum lifting or gum reshaping is to correct the amount of gum shown when you smile. Excessive gum tissue covering your teeth can be eliminated using laser treatments which  are quick, safe and have minimum discomfort.
  • Veneers Porcelain veneers can be used to correct minor cosmetic flaws such as chipped teeth cracks in the teeth, or to correct gaps and minor malocclusions.
  • Crowns and bridges – In case of tooth decay or damage, dental crowns or bridges can be used to treat a tooth without the inconvenience and pain of extracting it..  Additionally, your cosmetic dentist can characterize your crowns or veneers to more feminine or a masculine appearance to give you a natural smile.


Shelf- life of a smile makeover – Once you go for cosmetic dentistry you may be required to follow the instructions of your dentist which commonly include regular oral hygiene and periodic maintenance of the procedure. For example, your porcelain veneers may get chipped or cracked over time, which may need replacement later. Similarly, teeth whitening treatments may need repetitions over time to prevent any discolorations.

To know more about cosmetic dentistry, contact Green Meadow Dental at 3579 B Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06111, phone: (860)- 865- 0056.Families from Rocky Hill find the easy drive to Newington well worthwhile because or our expertise and modern facilities, our friendly dental team and the relaxing disposition of Dr. Mukund. We also serve patients from surrounding areas including West Hartford, Meriden and Portland.



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