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How does smoking affect my oral health? Newington, CT



Smoking is as bad for our oral health as it is for our overall well being. Smoking  involves  tobacco which is the major component that causes adverse effects. Smoking in the form of cigarettes, cigar, pipes, smokeless (spit) tobacco are some of the popular modes of tobacco consumption.   The most common oral health problem prevalent among smokers is their susceptibility to develop gum diseases. The accumulation of plaque targets the tissue that makes up gums and results in infections. Smoking also seems to reduce the blood flow to the gum tissues, limiting the nutrient availability for the bone and gum support of the teeth. Research shows that smokers suffer from tooth loss more than non-smokers. Here are a few oral health conditions that need attention for smokers:

      1. Staining of teeth and bad breath is prevalent among smokers.

      2. Condition of periodontal diseases /chronic gum diseases are all plaque induced inflammatory responses of our body against smoking. It is an inevitable condition for smokers.

      3. Heavy smokers often experience plaque formation eventually leading to tooth decay , and formation of  dental cavities.

      4. Worsening of gums due to smoking affects the supporting structures and leads to severe tooth loss. Research says that on an average a person who has been a heavy smoker loses close to 3 teeth after 10 years of continuous smoking.

      5. People who have been smoking heavily for a long time develop severe infections and lesions in the mouth which may  finally develop into cancer.

The perils of smoking not only affect the smokers themselves but also the people who live in their environment. These passive smokers are exposed to the second-hand smoke which contains more than 50 known carcinogens and chemicals. Four simple ‘D’s of prevention such as drinking water, deep breathing, delaying the puff breaks and diverting your mind are enough to get you out of the situation that makes you want to smoke. Smoking is responsible for 30% of all the cancers and reduces your life expectancy by 10-15 years on an average. So, do not let your oral health go up in smoke!

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