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How do teeth whitening agents work? Are they safe to use? Newington, CT

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Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that helps to lighten the teeth by removing stains and discoloration. There are many teeth whitening products and options available in the market such as whitening toothpaste, over-the-counter gels, strips, trays and whitening rinses.

How do teeth whitening agents work?

Although they all have the same purpose, they are applied and used in different ways.

1. Whitening toothpaste – The whitening toothpaste includes gentle polishing or chemical agents that help to remove the stains and lighten teeth by one shade . In contrast, light-activated whitening toothpaste can make teeth three to eight shades lighter which is performed in a dentist’s office.

2. Over-the-counter whitening strips and gels – These are clear gels containing hydrogen  peroxide that needs to be applied with a brush directly on the teeth surface. On the other hand, whitening strips are thin invisible strips containing peroxide-based whitening gel which  are applied twice a day for ½ hour for 14 days.

3. Tray based whiteners – These are guard-like trays containing gel whitening solution that are worn on teeth for a particular period of time to  get the effect.

4. Whitening rinses – Whitening rinses work in the same way as mouthwashes where they help to freshen breath and reduce dental caries.  Along with these qualities, they help to whiten teeth as they contain hydrogen peroxide.

Are teeth whitening agents safe to use?

Teeth whitening agents are among the most popular and effective cosmetic dental agents that are used to enhance the look of your teeth and smile. However, they can have side effects such as sensitivity  if they are over used. Therefore, it is highly recommended that one  uses whitening products only after consulting a dentist.

To get professional teeth whitening done , contact Green Meadow Dental, 3579B Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06111, or call: (860)-865-0056.   Families from East Berlin find the easy drive to Newington well worthwhile because or our expertise and modern facilities, our friendly dental team and the relaxing disposition of Dr. Mukund. We also service patients from areas including Farmington, Southington and Portland.

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