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How can you prevent mouth ulcers Newington, CT


Mouth ulcers are painful sores that often appear inside the mouth.  They occur due to erosion of the delicate lining of the mouth. Certain drugs, use of some chemicals or infectious diseases such as herpes can cause mouth ulcers. But most commonly any mechanical injury, for example biting your cheek or tongue too can cause ulcers inside your mouth. There is not much to worry about these as they tend to resolve on their own. However, aphthous ulcers are known for their recurrence with no known cause. Some studies show that mouth ulcers can be inherited and therefore it is not uncommon to see family members sharing this condition. Ulcers can also result from stress, hormonal imbalances and bowel disturbances.

You can relieve the symptoms of  mouth ulcers using topical preparations of antihistamines, corticosteroids, etc. Some people also use over-the-counter topical gels that contain choline salicylate which is a local analgesic to reduce the associated pain and inflammation.

But prevention is always better

Use these tips to prevent/cure mouth ulcer faster:

  •          While you have any ulcer try taking soft foods that are easy to chew.
  •          Limit the intake of foods  which   are  too hot, spicy or acidic.
  •          Use soft-bristled toothbrushes.
  •          Maintaining good oral hygiene can prevent the occurrence of ulcers. Any left-over food in the mouth from the last meal can trigger ulcer formation. Try brushing after every meal to keep your mouth clean of any food debris.
  •          Remember to replace your toothbrush every month.
  •          Ulcers may occur due to deficiency of Vitamin C. In that case try drinking lots of orange juice.
  •          To treat ulcers fast, try rinsing your mouth with cold and hot water alternatively.
  •          As one of the best home remedies, use coconut milk to gargle your mouth to relieve any pain due to ulcers.  This is also known to keep your mouth clean.
  •          Limit using tea and coffee as these drinks may irritate the inner linings of the mouth.
  •          Take soured milk products such as yogurt and buttermilk abundantly to prevent ulcers.
  •          Sulphur is known to curb the occurrence of mouth ulcers. Raw onions are a rich source of sulphur and can be added in salads.
  •          You can also prevent getting ulcers by maintaining a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.

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