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How can a chipped tooth affect your oral health Newington, CT


Chipping a tooth is a common enough occurrence especially in the front teeth. However, you may be shocked to see this happening to you. The problem with a chipped tooth is that it can happen anytime and in different ways. Usually in adults a tooth may get chipped either while playing sports like rugby or football  or chewing something hard like a nut. Most of the times it goes unnoticed and you may not necessarily realise when or how it happened. So you may  wonder what harm would a chipped tooth do to you other than appearing ugly when you smile? The consequences may not be instant but in the long run they can create problems that can cost you time, money and a lot of discomfort. In this blog we look at the adverse  conditions that may happen due to a chipped tooth.

  1. First off, teeth get chipped usually at the biting edges as these areas are thin and considerably weaker than the rest of the teeth surfaces. Once the edge gets chipped, the tooth increasingly becomes sharper and sharper which can cut or tear your lips and cheeks while you eat or talk. You may find yourself in a situation where every time you bite you are ramming the sharp edge into either your gums or surrounding soft oral tissue. 
  2. Chipping can lead to loss of structural integrity of the tooth. As tremendous amount of force is exerted on our teeth when we bite, this can lead to fractures and cracks originating from the chipped part of the tooth surface. Fractures of the teeth are a serious problem that can lead to tooth decay, loss of tooth vitality and root canal infection.
  3. It can ruin your perfect smile especially if any of the front teeth get chipped. The tooth  may also get stained and discoloured adding to your problems.
  4. Financially it can cost you a bomb if you do not tackle this problem at the initial stages. If  by chance the chipped tooth develops fractures or tooth decay, you may have to go in for a filling or even worse – a root canal treatment that can stress you out mentally, physically and financially!

How can you combat this problem at the earliest?

Advances in cosmetic dentistry have made it easy for you and the dentist to mend broken teeth. Your dentist will thoroughly evaluate the situation to understand the extent of the damage. Rarely, x-rays may be required to ascertain the depth of the breakage whether it is superficial or deep involving the root or nerves of the tooth. If the chipping is confined to only the upper layer of the tooth( enamel), you may need a simple tooth-colored filling or  porcelain veneers. Dental bonding is also an option. If the damage is extensive and deep, a root canal treatment may be required. These cosmetic treatments not only restore the original look of the tooth but also strengthen it to prevent damage in future. Hence, it is important that you visit your dentist at least once in six months to identify problems like chipped tooth which may easily remain unrecognised and cause problems later without  any warning.

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