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For the dental patient…Burning Mouth Syndrome Newington, CT

Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) is the discomfort pain you feel in your entire mouth. The burning sensation can be severe, leading to a Patient’s frustration.

The burning sensation may affect your tongue, gums, lips, palate, and inside of your cheeks.  The disorder has often been associated with a variety of other conditions – such as oral thrush and dry mouth (xerostomia) and disorders of the mouth.

Burning Mouth Syndrome appears randomly without a known cause which is more challenging and difficult for treatment. This condition can affect both men and women with different age range, but it is especially to menopausal women.

What causes Burning Mouth Syndrome?

Years of theories about BMS have been proposed but causes are still yet to be determined, needed to be proven. Some research says primary burning mouth syndrome is related to taste and sensory nerves. There are also underlying causes for BMS such as Anxiety or Depression, Oral Health, Problem with the immune system or even high blood pressure medications.

Once burning mouth syndrome appears, it can gradually develop over the years. Some people with burning mouth syndrome wake up with mouth pain but some don’t, but find that the pain irritates throughout the day.

How to treat Burning Mouth Syndrome?

First, try to investigate what caused it and try to check your overall oral health. Many people find relief using home remedies such as drinking plenty of water to increase your body fluid, avoiding acidic or spicy food, or even eating and chewing which improves BMS pain.

If a cause can be identified for a burning sensation in the mouth, then treatment is recommended. With the help of health professionals, you can find an effective treatment plan that best suits you. If your doctor thinks a certain medication is causing this condition, they might suggest switching to a new one. And if your doctor can’t find a cause, they may recommend trying oral medicines, B vitamin supplements, or antidepressants. These are effective in treating BMS.

In addition, Burning Mouth Syndrome can be painful and frustrating but the good news is that it’s a treatable condition.


Burning Mouth Syndrome is a stressful and challenging health issue for the physician and dentist practitioner. It is a medical condition determined by all other causes and symptoms. Furthermore, once it happens, start with simple home remedies but if symptoms persist your local dentist may provide different treatment that’s right for you. Remember, the key to successful diagnosis is a work in progress between you and the Healthcare professionals. Visit your local dentist and get checked.

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