1. Deep cleaning or Periodontal scaling and root plaining is a dental procedure performed to remove plaque and tartar from the deeper surfaces of the tooth. Generally, accumulation of plaque and tartar on the tooth surface leads to inflammation and bleeding gums (gingivitis), which can later progress to a severe condition called Periodontitis.
  2. Periodontitis is a condition where the bacteria from plaque invade deeper surfaces of the tooth well-hidden within the gums. This toxic concentration of germs and debris loosen up the gums around the tooth creating deep spaces or “pockets” below the gum line. If these toxins are not eliminated, the connective tissues and surrounding bone get infiltrated and destroyed by the bacteria resulting in loosening and premature loss of healthy teeth. Thus, it is highly recommended for an individual diagnosed with Periodontitis to undergo a full routine of professional deep cleaning procedure to salvage the infected teeth.
  3. What to expect at the dentist’s office? Deep cleaning can be done in 1-2 appointments. Your dentist or dental hygienist will thoroughly examine your gum tissues to determine the extent of gum disease. As the procedure requires deeper manipulation compared to regular cleaning, you may be administered a small dose of anesthetic locally to minimize any discomfort.
  4. By using specialized cleaning tools, the dentist/hygienist will remove plaque and hard layer of tartar present below the gum line and smoothen the root of the tooth so that the surrounding gum tissue can firmly re-attach. In the presence of deep pockets and extensive infection, your dentist may apply an antibiotic gel to control the bacterial load and reduce the size of the pockets.
  5. You may be prescribed an antimicrobial mouth rinse (chlorhexidine) after deep cleaning to prevent further harboring of bacteria beneath the gums, which will help in faster healing. Bleeding will be reduced pockets will minimize, and gums will slowly regain their normal texture and will be firmly attached to the tooth. It is essential that good oral hygiene is maintained by brushing twice a day and flossing regularly to prevent recurrence of gum diseases. Furthermore, visiting your dentist routinely for check-ups and professional cleaning is key towards maintaining all of your effort at getting rid of bad breath.

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