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Five myths about baby teeth – busted! Newington, CT
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  1. Myth: Baby teeth don’t matter as they will fall out anyway.

Fact: Baby teeth act as place holders for adult teeth during those early years. They also serve functions such as allowing proper jaw bone and muscle development. They are important for chewing and eating, and also for development of proper speech.


  1. Myth: Tooth decay in baby teeth can be ignored as these teeth are not permanent.

Fact: Cavities harbor bacteria that can damage the underlying permanent teeth. Moreover, these cavities can lead to pain and infection, which can be very hard on your baby.


  1. Myth: Brushing baby teeth can wait.

Fact: It is important for parents to begin brushing their baby’s teeth as soon as they appear. This not only prevents any tooth decay, but also establishes a lifetime of good dental habits. Oral care can begin even before  any tooth appears. A soft, damp washcloth can be used to rub your baby’s gums to reduce any harmful bacteria.


  1. Myth: Babies are too young to see a dentist.

Fact: Finding a dentist early for your baby is beneficial at various levels. A dentist can guide you through the teething phase of your baby. Seeing a dentist early will help establish a relationship with your child to allay any fears later, so that your dentist can design preventive plans to help fight tooth emergencies in the future.


  1. Myth: Health of the baby teeth does not impact permanent teeth.

Fact: Health of the baby teeth affects the health of  adult teeth. Baby tooth decay if ignored may eventually cause pain, ulcers or boils, and swelling. Infection in  a baby tooth can spread to the underlying adult teeth and other parts of the mouth.

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