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Five foods that cause teeth stains Newington, CT

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Stains on teeth are common, caused when small food particles get stuck in between the teeth, and continue to remain there when we do not bother to clean it. Discoloration caused by stains can happen inside and outside the tooth and there are three kinds of tooth discoloration.


It occurs when outer layer of tooth enamel is stained. Some of the foods that cause it are coffee, cola and wine. Smoking is also known to cause extrinsic stains.


It happens when inner tooth structure called the dentine is stained and a dark yellow colour is formed. It happens when a person is exposed to excessive fluoride during early childhood periods or might have consumed tetracycline antibiotics. It also happens to people who are born with a rare defect –dentinogenesis imperfecta  which creates grey or purple discoloration.

Age related

The outer covering of tooth, enamel loses its firm structure and becomes thinner exposing the yellow dentine layer as a person ages. The other causes of age related teeth stain is smoking, excessive coffee /tea consumption or injuries.

Foods that cause teeth stains

  1. Black coffee

The outer layer of tooth is porous and an easy medium for food to get absorbed, black coffee easily forms a neat stain on teeth.

  1. Tea

It is known to stain the teeth, contributed by the dark colour of it. Opt for light coloured ones like white, green and herbal tea instead of the dark Earl Grey and English breakfast varieties.

  1. Cola

Dark sodas are harmful to the teeth, and frequent consumption causes teeth stain. The phosphorous and citric acids in soda weaken tooth enamel and sweeteners in soda promote tooth decay.

  1. Berries

Dark colored berries  like cranberry are known to discolour the teeth as they contain rich  pigments which form a fine layer on the enamel.

  1. Balsamic vinegar:

The dark color and high acidic content of balsamic vinegar causes teeth stains.

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