1. What are mini-dental implants?

The mini-dental implants are biocompatible miniature titanium alloy implants. These miniature implant screws act like a root of your missing tooth and a retaining fixture that is incorporated into the base of your denture. They  are also known as small diameter implants or narrow body implants.

  1. What is the primary difference between mini-dental implants and conventional dental implants?

The traditional implants are normally 4-5 mm in diameter which is made of separate post and abutment parts, while mini-implants are less than 3 mm in diameter and consist of a single unit; hence the name “mini-dental implants”.

  1. When can mini-dental implants be used?

The mini-dental implants are mainly used when the patient does not want to opt for an invasive surgical procedure. They are mainly suggested when the patient lacks enough bone mass to hold traditional implants.

  1. How are mini-dental implants placed?

The placement of the mini-dental implants is carried out by giving local anaesthesia or light sedation to make the process more comfortable. Later they are placed into the jawbone by using a precise and minimally invasive surgical technique. The mini-dental implants consist of a head that is shaped like a ball and a retaining fixture that acts like a socket. The socket contains a rubber O-ring which snaps over the ball. The head extends from the gum tissues that provide  a strong support for dentures to fit.

  1. How to care and maintain mini-dental implants?

Since  food particles can get caught inside the mini-dental implants after meals, regular brushing and cleaning of the implants is suggested to keep them clean.

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