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FAQs about dental sealants for children Newington, CT


Your mouth is a window to your overall health! Keeping teeth and gums disease free right from a young age is essential to retain the vitality of the oral tissues throughout life. Newly emerged children’s teeth are highly susceptible to dental decay as they have deep grooves and pits on the chewing surface. Food and debris get accumulated in these grooves and ridges promoting the growth of germs, leading to decay of the tooth. Thus, it is essential to provide a protective covering to prevent early onset of decay in children’s teeth. In this blog, we shed light on important things you need to know about sealants.

What are sealants? 

These are a thin, plastic resin coating applied onto the grooves and pits present on the chewing surface of newly emerged permanent teeth.

Why does my child need sealants?

The primary goal of sealants is to prevent tooth decay. Although fluorides present in drinking water and toothpaste protect teeth from decaying, yet back teeth (molars) require an extra layer of protection against bacterial attack. Preventing the onset of decay at an early age will save time and unnecessary expenditure on fillings and crowns for fixing decayed teeth in future.

Does placing sealants hurt?

No. It’s a completely painless procedure. The sealant material is viscous and fluid, which enables it to flow freely into the grooves of the teeth. Thus, no extensive drilling or excavating of tooth material is required.

When should my child get sealants?

It is ideal to get sealants immediately after the permanent molars have emerged in the mouth.

The eruption of first permanent molars occurs by the age of 6 and second molars by 12 years. Sometimes, teenagers who are highly susceptible to decay may be recommended sealants by their dentist.

How are the sealants placed?

The entire process of sealants can be performed in one appointment and takes just a few minutes to do so. The teeth are cleaned and a special solution is applied to the tooth surface to increase the bonding of the sealant material. Once the solution dries, a liquid sealant is applied and hardened by flashing UV light onto it. No part of the procedure is harmful to the child as all materials used are certified bio-friendly. 

Does my child still have to brush his/her teeth?

Yes. It is still important to brush and floss regularly. Sealants act as protective barriers only on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. The rest of the tooth surfaces and surrounding gum tissues require cleaning to eliminate the growth of germs.

 Would sealants look ugly in my child’s mouth?

No. Sealants are clear  white materials which easily blend with the tooth enamel. They are visible only when observed up close. They are not visible when your child smiles or talks.

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