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8 Facts About Electric Toothbrushes Newington, CT

Here Are 8 Great Facts About Electronic Toothbrushes

A lot of people love electric toothbrushes but there are still many that do not know whether it is worth buying one. You probably know about a few of the benefits of electric toothbrushes, but you will want to know about a few facts. Below are facts about electric toothbrushes, and some may be common knowledge, while others are not. With that said, check out these facts before you decide whether or not you should get this type of toothbrush.

  • 1. It was in the 60s when the first electric toothbrush arrived in the United States, but the very first one was invented in Switzerland. The person who invented it was a doctor by the name of Philippe Guy Woog. His toothbrushes were first manufactured in Switzerland and eventually in France for the company Broxo SA, which is one of the reasons the first one was called Broxodent.

    When the electric toothbrush arrived in America, it was still called Broxodent but the company that marketed it was Squibb. However, throughout the years many other brands have emerged and today there are dozens and dozens of brands that produce and market electric toothbrushes. Not only that, but the devices have come a long way in terms of features because today they feature compact designs, quality bristles, and rechargeable batteries to name a few.

  • 2. The first electric toothbrush didn’t have rechargeable batteries. As previously mentioned, today’s products do usually have rechargeable batteries, which means you can use it without plugging it in, which wasn’t the case with the Broxodent. In fact, you have to plug it into a wall outlet. Line voltage is what powered the toothbrush.

  • 3. Electric toothbrushes are available in two types, regardless of the many brands that sell them. It doesn’t matter how these toothbrushes are marketed, they generally fall into two main categories. Those two categories is sonic and electric, and both have their own set of benefits. Keep in mind that even though the toothbrushes fall into one of those categories, some are far better than others and have more features, even if they are in the same category.

    Electric toothbrushes are designed to replicate hand motions, which means it does the bulk of the work for you when it comes to brushing your teeth. The toothbrush can rotate from anywhere from 3000 motions per minute to 7,500, which is not something you can do brushing manually. Also, the bristles on electric ones will either move back and forth or rotate.

    Sonic toothbrushes are considered to be a subset of electric ones, but they are far faster. In fact, the top sonic toothbrushes are capable of delivering up to 40,000 strokes every single minute when using an electric toothbrush properly. These brushes are known for their rapid motion, which is one of the reasons they are so effective at removing plaque.

  • 4. When compared to regular toothbrushes, electric ones are far faster, which we previously mentioned. However, to put things in perspective, when you brush your teeth manually and properly, then you can deliver around 250-350 strokes every single minute. This means if you spend two minutes brushing your teeth, the chances are you won’t be able to hit your teeth with more than 700 strokes. When it comes to regular toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes, electric ones are far more effective at cleaning your teeth because of how fast they are at delivering strokes.

  • 5. Pressure sensors are found on some electric toothbrushes, which is a useful feature because they will prevent you from applying too much pressure to your teeth when you brush them. If you brush too hard and aggressively, then your enamel could become damaged, and so can your gums. Sensors will usually make a sound to warn you that you are going to hard, while some electric toothbrushes’ sensors will stop the bristles from moving. If you do get an electric toothbrush, then consider buying one that has a pressure sensor because it could help you prevent damage to your teeth and gums.

  • 6. There are a few studies that show electric toothbrushes do a better job at reducing plaque buildup and at reducing your risk of gingivitis. In fact, there was a study in 2003 that took a look at electric toothbrushes and the conclusion was that using them resulted in less incidents of gingivitis and less plaque buildup when compared to brushing your teeth the regular way. However, it is worth pointing out that the same study showed that brushing your teeth manually and using powered brushes can both be effective, but only when you brush your teeth properly.

  • 7. Bluetooth capability is found on some electric toothbrushes, and this is relatively new technology in regards how it is used with the toothbrushes. If you use an electric toothbrush that has Bluetooth, then data can be sent from the toothbrush to an app and then you can see how much pressure you used when you were brushing and how long you have brushed your teeth for. The reason why some toothbrushes have this technology is to help you develop good brushing habits and techniques. Some people might not care for a Bluetooth enabled toothbrush, but many people do find it useful.

  • 8. Electric toothbrushes are good for those who have dexterity problems because they require very little effort but they are very effective. For example, if you have arthritis, then you might find it easier to use an electric toothbrush than you would a regular toothbrush. However, do keep in mind that electric toothbrushes tend to cost quite a bit more than regular toothbrushes, but they are well worth the price.

As you can see, there are quite a few facts about electric toothbrushes you might not have been aware of. In short, they are worth the money and they are usually far more effective at brushing and cleaning your teeth than traditional tooth brushes. If you want to experience the benefits of owning an electric toothbrush and impressing your dentist with a clean mouth, then buy one today. Just make sure you compare as many as possible because not all of them at created equal.

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