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Did you know that dental implants can support dentures? Newington, CT


Denturesare the most common dental devices used for the replacement of multiple teeth in the mouth especially in the older age groups. Although they provide a good alternative to natural teeth yet the associated problems such as alteration in speech, difficulty in chewing, long adjustment time and regular maintenance are a big turn off for the wearer. To eliminate these problems, dental implants can be used in conjunction with a denture.

A few benefits of implant supported overdentures:

  1. Decreased resorption of the jaw bone
  2. Elimination of unwanted slipping or movement of denture
  3. Improved aesthetics
  4. Improved occlusion of the teeth
  5. Equal distribution of biting force over the entire jaw
  6. Maintenance of the natural shape of face
  7. Improved phonetics
  8. Increased stability of the denture
  9. Improved comfort and maintenance
  10. Reduced tissue sensitivity and soft tissue injuries

Several clinical studies have reported that implant supported denture have a success rate better than 95 percent. Implant supported full dentures occupy the space left open by the roots of the lost tooth, integrate with the surrounding bone, keeping it healthy and intact. In the long run implants are easier to maintain and most importantly, retain the shape of the face. Additionally, the wearer can consume any type of food unlike conventional dentures where certain foods are contraindicated.

How do implant supported overdentures work?

The procedure begins with placement of implants within the bone of the jaws. Once the implants are stabilised, the conventional steps for denture making are followed. Two types of dentures can be fabricated – Bar-retained and Screw retained. Bar retained dentures have “clips” that lock into a metal bar placed over the top of the implants.  Screw retained dentures are directly screwed onto the head of the metal implant.

To know more about dental implants and overdentures, contact Green Meadow Dental, 3579B Berlin Turnpike, Newington CT 06111,or call (865)-860-056. Families from Hartford find the easy drive to Newington well worthwhile because or our expertise and modern facilities, our friendly dental team and the relaxing disposition of Dr. Mukund. We also service patients from neighboring areas including Kensington, Berlin and Plainville

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