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Cosmetic Treatments for a Reshapen, Radiant, and Rejuvenated Smile Newington, CT

The benefit of having exceptional oral care is the opportunity to pursue beautifying treatments for a perfect smile. Teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and realignment are only a few examples of cosmetic options offered by our Rocky Hill dentist. An expert treatment plan tailored to your goals will leave you with the bright, radiant smile of your dreams.

Professional Teeth Whitening
It’s common to feel embarrassment as teeth are discolored by the aging process, consuming dark liquids, or smoking. Using an over-the-counter whitening system might seem incredibly convenient and cost-efficient, but it’s never the best solution. Your smile might look brighter at the expense of major discomfort from the sensitivity of weakened enamel.

A professional whitening treatment is performed in the office of the dentist with a very safe solution. The condition of your teeth will be taken into consideration to ensure that the chance of increased sensitivity is avoided. You may also use an at-home professional kit provided by the dentist to maintain the white appearance between professional visits.

Tooth Repair Techniques
Severely stained or damaged teeth may be best treated with porcelain veneers. These are applied directly to the front of visible teeth to cover misalignment, chips, cracks, and large spaces as needed. Celebrities and other public figures often rely on this solution because the improvement is long-lasting and immediate.

Our Rocky Hill dentist can use tooth-colored resin for simple improvements to the appearance of teeth, such as chips or discolored spots of decay. This material is actually created to match the exact color of your natural teeth so that it is completely undetectable.

Reconstruction of a severely damaged or decayed tooth is easily completed with a dental crown. Porcelain has the closest appearance to natural teeth, and it’s a very durable cover to adequately reinforce the structure of the vulnerable tooth.

Alignment Correction
Traditional braces remain a popular solution to improve the alignment of teeth, but most adults seek a more discreet solution. Invisible retainers gradually straighten teeth and close gaps without pain, discomfort, or the appearance of metal brackets.

Clear bracket braces are another option that offers an aesthetic advantage of discretion. The final appearance is similar with each realignment solution offered by our cosmetic dentist, so the treatment is mostly determined by personal preference.

Restoring Lost Teeth
Losing one or more teeth from an extraction or traumatic accident is an embarrassing situation, especially earlier in life. Implants are a very reliable solution because they restore the smile and protect the surrounding healthy teeth from migrating. A metal post is surgically implanted into the jawbone so that it can heal before a dental crown is attached. They are also used to secure a bridge or dentures to replace older attachment methods that may not feel natural.

Even if your missing teeth are in a hidden area, it’s important to take advantage of a restoration solution to prevent complications. A single gap can lead to bone loss, and this problem will cause the surrounding teeth to migrate toward the open space.

Combining Treatments for a Complete Smile Makeover
Our cosmetic dentist creates a unique treatment plan for every single patient to ensure that they’re completely happy with their new smile. The majority of patients are interested in whitening their teeth, but everyone deserves the confidence of a radiant smile.

The entire process does require patience, especially if you are a good candidate for realignment. Traditional braces have to be adjusted throughout an average of two years, and invisible aligners are replaced every few weeks. This specific treatment is usually the beginning of an aesthetic makeover, but perseverance is the key to getting the smile of a celebrity.

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