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Common dental problems faced by teens Newington, CT


In the current times, even adolescents face   most of the dental problems, mostly because of their abnormal eating habits and their extensive consumption of alcoholic and sugar-rich beverages.   Acceptance from peers and friends direct their lifestyle choices and they end up inculcating unhealthy habits, which are not only bad for their oral hygiene but can gradually affect their overall health.  In addition, the current fashion of oral piercings and braces on irregular teeth, most commonly found in teenagers, come with a lot of responsibility and need to be taken care of to avoid oral infections.  The necessity for orthodontic evaluation and implementation of good oral hygiene habits need to be imparted to them from their childhood to avoid the unique challenges faced by the teens. Some of the factors associated with dental problems are as follows:

  • Food and drinking habits: The most popular foods of a teenager involve sugar and fried food items, from candies, cakes to chips accompanied by sweetened sodas and caffeine-rich drinks, which can directly lead to dental erosion by loss of tooth enamel and promote  tooth decay. It also affects the texture and quality of the teeth due to staining , further leading to altered taste buds in some cases.


  • Habits of substance abuse:  Teenage is a time when children get exposed to tobacco/nicotine containing products  such as cigars, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. These addictions lead to adverse dental effects like gum diseases, tooth loss, bad breath and can even lead to oral cancer.


  • Dental jewellery:  Piercings in the mouth and tongue might be a style statement among teens but it is also a source of bacteria which can lead to severe oral infections and sores. Sometimes it can lead to swelling in the mouth and tongue regions which can interfere with normal breathing and can result in choking. Research shows that infections from oral piercings can lead to chronic systemic infections such as hepatitis and inflammations in the heart valves.

Good oral health practices such as using fluoridated toothpastes, brushing and flossing twice on a daily basis and including balanced nutritional  food in  the diet can not only avoid  adversities in oral health but can also support the teenagers with a lifetime of sound health.

At Green Meadow Dental we strive hard to make every visit of your teen a pleasant one. To know more about our child dentistry services contact 3579 B Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06111, phone:  (860)- 865- 0056 . Many people from Hartford come to our office because we are conveniently located next to Target. Our flexible hours and family dental practice makes it easy for busy families to schedule visits for both parents and children.We also serve patients from surrounding areas including Rocky Hill, Glastonbury and Meriden. 



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