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Cavities: bad luck or bad habits? Newington, CT


Cavities are one of the biggest causes of breakdown of a person’s dental health. Multiple factors are to be blamed for cavities and tooth decay including, to a certain extent, your luck or genetics. On the other hand, if you fail to maintain good oral hygiene, you increase your chances of getting cavities.

Some are born with vulnerability for cavities since it is genetic to an extent. Yes, you read it right – genetics play an important role in determining your susceptibility to cavities. If your parents have had cavities, there is a high likelihood that you may also end up with cavities at some point in your life.

Your tooth enamel is affected by genes and hence the way your enamel is structured has a large role to play in determining your chances of tooth decay and hence, cavities. It is common sense that softer enamel has higher chances of being attacked by bacteria, leading to tooth decay, than harder enamel.

Setting aside this fact, there is still hope for those predisposed to cavities through their genes. Maintaining regular oral hygiene can lower your chances of getting cavities.

On the other hand, there are people who are prone to cavities due to their poor oral hygiene. Many habits could contribute to an increase in risk for cavities. If you’re the sort who loves chocolates and takes a bite off a bar  every few hours, you’re doing more harm to your teeth than you realise. Exposing your teeth to food items high in sugar on a regular basis may cause tooth decay.

For both sets of people predisposed to cavities, regular visits to the dentist will help in detecting tooth decay as  early as possible. Apart from this, maintaining good dental habits is essential   for ensuring that  you reduce the risks of tooth decay. Some good dental habits  include:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day or after every meal
  • Flossingdaily
  • Rinsing your mouth every time after  consuming  sugary or  acidic food  or drinks

These tips if followed consistently will ensure you gradually reduce risks of cavities.

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