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Best ways to maintain a healthy mouth Newington, CT


Taking care of your mouth goes beyond brushing and flossing. Habits that form our daily routine too have an effect on the oral health. Modifying our habits for better oral health has life-changing advantages. Not only your smile starts to look fabulous, you also start having a positive outlook towards life, thereby transforming your visual appearance and your mind too.

We have put together some tips for you to stay healthy in your mouth and mind:

  • Be regular with brushing and flossing – You cannot afford to be lazy when it comes to regular dental hygiene practices. Not even while you are traveling. If you are a frequent traveller, have a travel kit with your dental essentials ready to go.
  • Remember to rinse after food – Rinsing every time after eating  anything is a good habit at all levels. It’s not always possible to carry a toothbrush  to a dinner invite, but what you can do is to rinse your mouth with plain water to clean off the leftover food debris. Leftover stuck food between the teeth is the main reason for plaque formation which is a sticky thin film caused by tooth decay-causing bacteria.
  • Visit your  dentist regularly – Paying a visit to your dentist regularly ensures the health of your teeth and mouth. Dentists can catch problems such as decay and gum diseases, any dental trauma at a treatable stage where chances of losing teeth are minimal.
  • Regulate your soda intake – You must have read enough on how bad soda is for your teeth. Reinforcing the fact, fizzy drinks eat away the surface of the teeth. They contain substances such as phosphoric acid and citric acid that erode your tooth enamel making it more susceptible to cavities. Replace your soda cravings with plain water which can bring you benefits beyond good oral health.
  • Quit smoking – It’s easier said than done, but  possible. Cigarettes contain nicotine and tar that are known to stain your teeth. Not only this, they also eat away your gums. It creates a favorable environment for the plaque causing bacteria to thrive thereby harming the tissues and degrading the bones that support the teeth structure, making your teeth susceptible to loss. What’s worse,  it may lead to oral cancers.
  • Reduce sugars – Sugars as you might have read in our earlier blogs are detrimental  to teeth health. They are one of the major causes of tooth decay.
  • The right brush – Brushes with soft bristles accompanied by the right brushing technique will work wonders for your teeth. Try replacing your toothbrush every two to three months. Bent worn-out bristles can hurt your teeth and gums. The technique of tooth brushing involves holding the tooth brush at a 45 degree angle. Start from the gum line and use gentle, circular strokes to clean off any food debris. Spending enough  time brushing your teeth, ideally 2 minutes for the job , is more than enough to give your mouth a long lasting fresh feel.

To get teeth whitening or teeth cleaning, contact Green Meadow Dental at 3579 B Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06111, phone:(860)-865-0056. Many people from Portland come to our office because we are conveniently located next to Target.  Our flexible hours and family dental practice makes it easy for busy families to schedule visits for both parents and children. We also serve patients from neighboring areas which include Farmington, Southington and Glastonbury. 




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