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5 Things to never do to your teeth Newington, CT

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When it comes to your teeth, a little effort everyday goes a long way. Brace yourself as Dr. Ranjitha of Green Meadow Dental, Newington, CT, tells you what not to do with your pearly whites!

  1. Do not destroy your enamel with these foods

          Your dentist and your enamel HATE

  • Ice,
  • popcorn, and
  • tongue/ lip piercings
  1. Toothpaste needs to be spit-out NOT swallowed

Unsupervised children swallow toothpaste, this lead to stained and porous teeth. Toothpaste contains fluoride, and is meant to be used topically and temporarily.

  1. Don’t let your braces lead to cavities!

You wear braces because you want your pearly whites to look appealing. Well, here’s some news for you. Your movie-star teeth need to be brushed extra carefully, if you wear braces since food and debris stuck around braces can create cause tooth decay and cavities!

  1. Brushing is good but not right after a meal

Refrain from brushing immediately after a meal, especially after a meal high in acids (for e.g. citrus fruits, soda). The acidity softens your enamel slightly and by brushing immediately after the meal; you will only be wearing down the enamel and inching towards tooth decay!

  1. Drop that Toothpick, Pick up that Floss instead

Using a toothpick has more chances of hurting your gums. Instead, your quest for oral hygiene can be achieved with a simple arm’s length of floss.

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