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3 innovative toothbrushes you didn’t know about! Newington, CT

bluetooth toothbrush

Oral hygiene is a very important health consideration that should be taken very seriously. A walk through any grocery or a pharmacy reinforces this fact by showcasing the countless innovations in the world of dental hygiene. In this post we have rounded three innovative and useful designs of tooth brushes to make brushing more fun.


  1. Bluetooth-enabled toothbrushes

These toothbrushes can be paired with your smartphone, tablets and other Bluetooth-enabled appliances. You can use tooth brushing apps to get a real-time feedback on the way you brush your teeth. It helps you to focus on the important areas of your mouth that needs attention while tracking your oral care habits overtime. These brushes can sense when you brush too hard and control the pressure exerted. These brushes claim to remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush!

  1. Misoka nanotech toothbrushes

The nanotech toothbrushes clean your teeth without any toothpaste! Its bristles are coated with nano-sized mineral ions that pass to your teeth during brushing to remove stains while forming a protective coating on the enamel. To loosen the ions from the bristles all you have to do is to dip it in a glass of water before use.

  1. Sonicare airfloss

This product is for people who do not floss regularly. It uses microburst technology to deliver minute droplets of air and water to remove plaque formation between the teeth. Not only this, it gives your mouth a really fast clean-up in just under 30 seconds.

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